Sisal Tejidos


Plain weave fabric

Sisalo plain weave, due to its rustic appearance and high durability, is ideal for decorative uses, to make carpets, sacks or ecological bags. This product is 100% ecological and environmentally friendly, as it is made from natural sisal (henequen) fibres.


Foot thread count per dm.22244448
Clear comb per dm.22242224
Weft yarns per dm.26262626
Yarn Yardage
End Yarn (Weft) ft/lb1/12001/12001/12001/1200
Weft Yarn g/m (fused) ft/lb1/12001/12001/12001/1200
Yarn Weight
Footer Yarn g/m1,241,241,241,24
Weft Yarn g/m1,241,241,241,24
Yarn torsions on Z
Footer Yarn25252525
Weft Yarn25252525
Yarn Shrinkage
Standing Yarn2%2%2%2%
Weft Yarn2%2%2%2%
Average weight per m2 Kg.0,6070,6320,8850,936

Piped fabric

Sisalo piped fabric is highly versatile as it can be used for curing concrete in construction, drying grain in the agricultural sector, packaging, handicrafts and decorations. This fabric is produced 100% from natural sisal fibres, is biodegradable and highly durable. Due to its unique properties, it reduces the temperature by radiation and maintains humidity.


CODEWEIGHT (lb.)FABRICWIDTH (m.)LENGTH (m.)m2 PER ROLLYardage of standing yarnYardage of weft yarnWeight in Ounces per yd2Weight per m2 (g.)Weight per roll Kg.
7673T1005.8 x 6.5 de 19.8 oz x yd20,5013567,571.2001.00019,80671,3445,36
7673U1005.8 x 6.5 de 19.8 oz x yd20,5312767,571.2001.00019,80671,3445,36
7673V1005.8 x 6.5 de 19.8 oz x yd20,6011367,571.2001.00019,80671,3445,36
7673W1005.8 x 6.5 de 19.8 oz x yd20,749167,571.2001.00019,80671,3445,36
7674T1005.8 x 7.0 de 22 oz x yd20,5012260,811.2001.00022,00745,9445,36
7674U1005.8 x 7.0 de 22 oz x yd20,5311560,811.2001.00022,00745,9445,36
7674V1005.8 x 7.0 de 22 oz x yd20,6010160,811.2001.00022,00745,9445,36
7674W1005.8 x 7.0 de 22 oz x yd20,748260,811.2001.00022,00745,9445,36
7675T1005.8 x 7.9 de 24 oz x yd20,5011155,741.20090024,00813,7545,36
7675U1005.8 x 7.9 de 24 oz x yd20,5310555,741.20090024,00813,7545,36
7675V1005.8 x 7.9 de 24 oz x yd20,609355,741.20090024,00813,7545,36
7675W1005.8 x 7.9 de 24 oz x yd20,747555,741.20090024,00813,7545,36

Threads and Cords

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